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Pull Income Calculator

This page is now outdated. This tool will return as a better, updated version. Thank you for your patience.

Dispatch average daily income may be inaccurate, more data will be gathered and updated.

Event tickets are assumed as 10 wishlist tickets and 10 event tickets per event, at two events per month. Unfortunately it is impossible to know the average free event tickets given in the future. You can change this value in your own copy if desired.

Tribe Towers value is for the tribe specific towers (Elysion, Missilis, Tetra, Pilgrim) that grant 100 gems per level cleared. You can clear up to 33 levels per week for 3300 gems, but this source may dry up after the first month.

Coming soon! For now, create a copy from the spreadsheet and edit the values in green as needed to reflect your account’s accurate income.


  1. this list is so bad and very inconsistent straight up bloated up stats
    this list helps nobody I am so disappointed that this was let through and is even seen as a guide

    nobody should take this as advice on weekly income when they unironically use tower as a stat for gems and they count it as 14 stages a week
    “Average Weekly Tower Levels Cleared 14”
    +1400 gems a week I guess????

    it is never shown how they get to their magical gem number of 12210.0 (which has been changed to 15210.0 for some arbitrary reason)

    Finally, they put friendship summons as an areas stat when factoring in the summons just to bloat up the numbers (it should be a given whey friendship summons don’t count as summons)
    1. rates are lower
    2. you cant summon pilgrim units from it
    3.(obviously no even heroes can be summoned from it)

    not even counting the fact they count molds as pulls?
    I don’t think I ever saw the words pull when I open molds
    (mold are effectively summons but it is important that we create distinctions between different rewards so players and not getting confused and mistaking income of summons when they decide to do the math on how many pulls they have when they want a new hero)

    I hope they really do fix this list and know players expect better then this when getting information

    • Hi, this was originally meant to be a calculator that anyone can use to approximate their own personal gem income. The values in green can all be changed to reflect your account. We are still working on having this feature work on the site, but for now you can make a copy of the original sheet to edit.

      I admit the 14 tribe tower levels are arbitrary, but it can be anywhere between 0 to 33 new levels cleared per week and I was unsure where to leave the default value. If there is a better number, please let me know your opinion.

      I will add the option to only show gem and ticket pulls. The monthly gems value was edited because there was an error before. Thank you for the comment.

  2. I wish this resource was still available. I understand the data was imperfect, but it still provided useful perspective. You could keep the tool and put a large disclaimer on the top. Especially since it also removed from the original spreadsheet file. Perhaps you can email me a copy for my own information?

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